School Office Trade Kft.

Director: Mr. Abbas Shamkhi Boori
Address: 1056 Budapest, Belgrád rkp. 3-4. IV/1.
Phone: +36 70 4082750

About us

Welcome to the website of School Office Trade Kft.

The owner/director of the company Mr Abbas Boori arrived to Hungary and started up his business activities with serious economical background.

His homeland, Iraq is fighting with serious problems in paper supply. This issue mainly effects the purchase of school goods that mean difficulties in the supply of school goods for school aged children.

The director intends to ease these problems through several govermental tenders. The main activity of his Hungarian company is also to purchase of paper and school goods


School Office Trade Kft. wishes to improve the availability of school goods in Iraq in cooperation with its prominent Hungarian business partner, the Pátria Nyo9mda Zrt.

Furthermore he set himself the target of helping Iraq’s supply of A/3 and A/4 sized, white, copy papers from reliable sources.

In the near future the company plans to boost the sport life and tourism in Iraq by building athletic stadia.

These plans mean huge investments that need serious and reliable partners and arrangements.